Mr. Sanil Nadar

Hon. Bio/Ap Bio/Biotech Instructor


Welcome to my webpage,
About Me

Why Do I teach?


To inspire the younger generation to “dream big” and be “enthusiastic learners” through facilitating the learning process towards higher order thinking.



Internationally Educated and graduate in Biology with a specialization in Plant Biotechnology and Education




“Empowering students to take on newer challenges and be problem-solvers of their community”

Teaching Philosophy


Acquiring knowledge and procuring new skills is fundamental to human development. It helps individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves, relate their existence to the surrounding world, and ultimately help them derive the very purpose of their life. As our children navigate through this journey of self-realization, proper education and guidance will empower them to view the world with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Through learning science, our students will learn the art of problem-solving through factual analysis, review of reliable literature, self-inquiry, research, and experimentation; helping them to develop mastery over science and to view “science” as one of the tools to benefit the world and create a better future for their loved ones.